Blockchain is perfectly suited to today’s Millennial Generation, it is the right tool at the right time. Millennials are more comfortable with the complicated technology than are the older generations and they respond to the idealistic promises.

A Faculty from UC Berkeley Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Tech would take Semester-long, experiential course (“realistic simulation”), adjunct to a technical course on blockchain software taught by local faculty.

Learning Outcomes/Social Impact

  • Solve Real Life Societal Problems – Understand how blockchain technology can be applied for social impact
  • Experience the entrepreneur journey (practical exercise)
  • Design social impact programs using blockchain technology (preferably in collaboration with a local (India) non-profit organization to build Blockchain based Solutions for Businesses
  • Develop relationships within the ecosystem for social impact
  • Train Local Faculty to become Blockchain Expert
  • The innovative use of Blockchain and distributed ledger technologies can result in lower operating costs, improve efficiencies, and reduce errors (intentional and otherwise), as well as deter improper and illegal activities.