Innovivi's Approach

Challenges with the Current Corporate Ecosystem

  • Low Access to Industry Leaders

  • Employee attrition for skilling/ higher education

  • Employee attrition due to competitive job market

  • Lack of Access to Global Markets

  • Lack of resources/ mentors for in-house skilling

  • Inability to Compete with Tech Giants

Problems with the Current Ecosystem

  • Social issues and discrimination

  • Low exposure and lack of awareness; little interaction with peers in same field

  • No access to specific fields of expertise, mentorship and dedicated guidance.

  • Lack of best practices, methods and awareness about various resources available.

  • Little information about funding possibilities and problems with investments

  • No Platform to unite governing bodies, institutions, corporate entities and others who, together, can close the gaps and help the people of India.

Current Scenario - India

  • Complex Market

    India is Huge, complex, competitive market

  • Workforce not aligned

    Workforce development sometimes not aligned with US biz needs

  • Challenging Landscape

    It's also hard to navigate the landscape of government and regulations

  • Flexibility

    Inability to understand diverse market strategies specific to regions/economic groups

Innovivi's Core Strength

  • Access to Cutting Edge Technology Experts

  • Customized for Corporate

  • Dedicated Timelines for Delivery

  • Global Network

  • Localized Execution

  • Measurable Metrics for Success

One stop solution for a stronger start-up ecosystem.

a disorganized ecosystem to perfectly organized ecosystem, making entrepreneurship easier.

INNOVIVI aids the disjointed ecosystem in realising its potential  by bridging the gaps


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