What is Vested?

We are mission-oriented. We want to empower you and give you access to the US equity market.

Team Vested

Viram Shah


Viram is an avid investor. He was previously an investment banker at J.P.Morgan.He has also worked with three different startups in the fintech, AI, and analytics space.

Darwin arifin


Darwin is an experienced investor and engineer. He was previously a process engineer at Intel and has expertise in building services in deep technology, blockchain, and venture capital.

Eric Huynh

Chief product officer

Eric has experience in product & design. A Director of Product at Azumio(backed by Founders Fund and Accel), he has built over 30 products, some featured by Apple and Google.


Invest in US Stock Market

Stocks, Shares, Mutual Funds and Investment in general can be very daunting. Understanding portfolios and their diversification is another ordeal in itself. We work really hard to make money and it is important to save and multiply it.

Innovivi and Vested wish to educated people on the stock markets. It is very important to understand how and why we need to move our portfolios away from single country risk, single currency risk, and single asset class risk.

We have Team Vested coming all the way from Mumbai and United States to make investment easy.

Event date - COMING SOON

Venue- Innovivi Center Of Excellence, Hyderabad