Universities while collaborating with Innovivi will gain name and recognition amongst their competitors as their students will be introduced to international curriculum and global methodologies of education. Students from the respective university are part of outcome oriented critical programs offered by Innovivi, which results in better employment opportunities with Increase of average median salary.


  • 100% Job placement on completion of CF certification.
  • Practical learning, Exposure
  • Take-up BII assessment, post-consultancy services
  • Equip to design social impact project using Blockchain technology
  • Get trained by Mentors and Innovivi team to work as assistant mentors
  • Increase in Average Median Salary, comparative to previous packages
  • Gain better Job opportunities
  • One month SkyProgram
  • Knowledge on some of Silicon Valley’s best practices.


  • Impact 1000s of women and men, especially in Tier II and III areas, thus helping India’s economy and communities.
  • Establish Innovivi’s tech innovation training, mentoring and recruiting program.
  • Increase your impact in India across regions with Innovivi’s huge reach: PR, Marketing, Sales, Recruiting, Training.

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